Paleolithic diets, caveman diets, primal diets: What did our Ancestors really eat?

"Paleolithic diets, caveman diets, primal diets and the like, urge us to remember the good ole days. Taken too literally, such diets are ridiculous. After all, like all wild species, sometimes our ancestors starved to death and the starving to death diet, well, it ends badly…for the sake of argument, that it would be a good idea to eat like our ancestors ate. Just what did they eat?" 

If you really are serious about being Paleo I’d suggest reading up on what that really means. The intimate studies of our gut, the historical circumstances, the comparisons to other primates. Exactly how much meat you should be eating in order to replicate the eating habits of our ancestors? Well one things for sure, you should incorporate insects as largely the “meat” part of your diet. No? Don’t want to eat insects, or guts, or rats? Then perhaps you aren’t really eating Paleo and stop trying to make us Vegans devour meat like its our God given right.

We are all different, our bodies have evolved differently depending on agricultural circumstances. Whether its from a diary farmer of seaweed farming. Our bodies change depending on what was available at the time. Someone of Asian decent, don’t have the same gut bacteria as those who family grew up in Europe for example. Stop blanketing everyones health issue with a broad brush and just accept that people are different. 

“Our guts are special because they are less specialized. They can accomodate so many changes in the foods that surround us, can accomodate unusual abundance and a certain amount of scarcity: we can even eat some of the world’s more difficult foodstuffs: grains, leaves, and plants. Berries, nuts, meats, sugars, those are easy. Eating them together is pretty rare.” - Gregor Yanega

Though the article below shows that our ancestors weren’t exclusively vegetarians… this doesn’t stop me from being a Vegan whatsoever. Because we deal with something our ancestors didn’t, animal cruelty, animal farming and so on. Once this is completely eradicated as social norms, then I’ll change my mind, but it probably won’t in my lifetime, so therefore I’ll stay Vegan.


please read this: Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians

Totally Amazing Results (3rd Week)

So I’m a newbie vegan on high carb low fat diet. I haven’t just jumped into this lifestyle out of the blue… I feel this has been something that was always going to happen. I was a vegetarian two years ago for 6 months and then a pescitarian for a year. I couldn’t sustain that lifestyle basically because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was calorie counting!!! and ended up very tired and craving all sorts of meat until I finally caved. 

I know better now! I did my research this time, talking to doctors and reading medical papers. I spend maybe a month just researching and keeping myself informed. 

So I started my vegan lifestyle three weeks ago.

The first week I didn’t feel much difference except that I was completely happy to go cruelty free. I felt positive within myself and was inadvertently influencing those around me. A couple of times I had to eat cheese because I wasn’t adjusting to eating out very well. I was still detoxing and getting rid of years of bad eating. I understood that this was going to be slow so I wasn’t upset when I didn’t really see/feel difference within myself immediately. I was done with the quick fix!

Second week was much like the first week except it was getting easier. I kept forgetting to drink water which probably made the detox slower. 

Third week! WOW what is happening? Today I did the usual thing which was wake up and make my breakfast smoothie. I had a Banana and Vanilla Smoothie and then decided to do some squats as the weather wasn’t so nice outside for a walk. I felt very energetic already, bouncing around the kitchen and generally annoying my sleepy housemates with my intense energy. I’ve been doing squats maybe twice a week for the past month or so, and averaging around 70 - 80 squats before I feel fatigue… but today I managed to somehow do 200 squats without feeling any sort of fatigue! WHAT?? I was totally baffled, I could have done more but was weary how sore my legs might get tomorrow. I had to do some dumbbell weights and sit ups to finally neutralise my energy. 

I’m actually so so amazed by this change. My energy is going crazy from this diet and I’m feeling really happy. No wonder people lose weight with this lifestyle, they can’t sit still to binge on junk food or watch TV.

So these are my results after 3 weeks, did anyone have similar results on the High Carb Low Fat vegan diet? 

I’m still totally amazed…